The construction industry is constantly evolving, seeking innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective building options. Prefabricated metal structures have emerged as a frontrunner, offering many benefits for various applications. The SESOLINC Group stands tall as a pioneer in prefabricated metal structures.

Keep reading to learn more about how craftsmanship meets technology at The SESOLINC Group, with each structure standing as a testament to quality, efficiency, and design brilliance.

Exploring the Vast Canvas: Our 85,000 SQFT Facility

At the center of The SESOLINC Group’s operations lies an expansive 85,000-square-foot facility where creativity and engineering expertise come together. This is the place where the magic unfolds and dreams take shape. One of the standout features is the impressive 30′ x 50′ enclosed paint booth, a testament to our commitment to delivering flawless finishes that meet and exceed industry standards.

Understanding Prefabricated and Relocatable Metal Structures

Prefabricated metal structures, or pre-engineered buildings (PEBs), are modular structures manufactured off-site in a controlled environment. These structures are constructed using steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, offering a lightweight yet robust solution for diverse building needs. The SESOLINC Group’s prefabricated steel structures redefine the norms, offering a harmonious blend of strength and adaptability. These structures aren’t just buildings; they are milestones in architectural evolution, designed to withstand the test of time.

The Essence of Relocatable Structures

Adaptability is key, and we take this philosophy to the next level with our relocatable structures. Crafted with precision, these structures are ingeniously designed for effortless disassembly and reassembly at different locations, delivering unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness for temporary needs.

Materials that Define Excellence

Our metal structures encompass a diverse array of materials, each chosen for its unique qualities that contribute to the resilience and functionality of the final product.


Renowned for its strength, steel is the highlight of our metal structures. Its unparalleled strength, durability, and resistance to both fire and harsh weather conditions make it the ideal choice for structures that demand uncompromised reliability.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel takes the stage with its superior corrosion resistance and sleek aesthetic. Beyond its durability, this material adds a touch of sophistication, making it a preferred choice for applications where both resilience and visual appeal are paramount.


For those seeking a lightweight yet robust solution, aluminum emerges as a star player in our metal structures. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure longevity, while its recyclability aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices. Aluminum structures offer a perfect blend of strength and environmental consciousness.

Why Should You Opt for Prefabricated Metal Structures?

Here are a few benefits of prefabricated metal structures:

  • Faster Construction: Prefabricated structures offer significant time savings compared to traditional construction methods. Since the components are pre-engineered and manufactured in a factory setting, on-site assembly is quicker and less labor-intensive. This translates to faster project completion, minimizing downtime and operational delays.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: These structures offer cost advantages throughout the project lifecycle. The controlled manufacturing environment minimizes waste and labor costs, while the inherent durability of metal reduces long-term maintenance requirements.
  • Sustainability: Metal is a highly recyclable material, making prefabricated structures an eco-friendly option. The efficient construction process also minimizes environmental impact, reducing construction waste and dust generation.
  • Design Flexibility: Prefabricated structures are not limited to a specific design style. They can be customized to meet architectural requirements, including clear spans, skylights, and different wall and roofing options.
  • Durability and Resilience: Metal structures are inherently strong and resistant to various environmental factors, including extreme weather conditions, fire, and pests. This translates to a longer lifespan and lower maintenance needs than traditional building materials.
  • Relocatable and Expandable: These structures offer the unique advantage of being relocatable. The modular design allows them to be easily disassembled, transported, and reassembled at a new location, providing long-term flexibility for businesses. Additionally, they can be easily expanded to accommodate future growth needs.

Our In-house Mastery in Metal Structures

In The SESOLINC Group, we take pride in our unique strength—an in-house team adept at engineering and technical drawing. This distinctive capability allows us to seamlessly integrate design with construction, setting a high standard for precision. Our commitment to detail is exemplified by our 30′ x 50′ enclosed paint booth, a space within our facility that ensures meticulous finishing touches.

Our Services

At The SESOLINC Group, our commitment to excellence is epitomized through our comprehensive range of prefabricated structures tailored to meet diverse needs. Explore the breadth of our services:

Prefabricated and Relocatable Steel and Metal Structures

Versatility meets durability in our steel and metal structures, designed for warehouses, industrial buildings, workshops, garages, and agricultural facilities. Adaptability is the cornerstone, ensuring a seamless fit for various applications.

Prefabricated and Relocatable Aluminum Structures

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, our aluminum structures redefine possibilities in clean rooms, laboratories, and office spaces. Elevate your environment with these sleek and functional solutions.

Prefabricated Containerized Structures

Cost-effective and portable, our containerized structures transform modified shipping containers into dynamic solutions. From temporary offices to disaster relief shelters and storage units, these structures redefine flexibility and efficiency.

Containerized Modular Homes and Offices

Innovation meets sustainability with our containerized modular solutions. Responding to the demand for mobile and temporary housing, we craft living and working spaces that are both innovative and environmentally conscious.

ISO Container Conversions

Breathe new life into used shipping containers with our transformative ISO container conversions. These converted spaces provide unique and eco-friendly alternatives and cater to diverse applications with style and functionality.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Tailoring our expertise to your needs, our skilled fabricators bring your visions to life. Whether bespoke components or intricate additions to your prefabricated structures, our custom metal fabrication services add a personalized touch.

Aluminum Fabrication

Our comprehensive aluminum fabrication services offer solutions for various applications. From architectural elements to industrial components, we shape aluminum with precision, creating custom solutions that align with your unique requirements.

Final Words

Prefabricated and relocatable metal structures offer a compelling solution for efficient and cost-effective construction. With their numerous benefits, versatility, and diverse applications, they are revolutionizing the way we build. Whether you require a permanent structure or a temporary solution, prefabricated metal structures offer a strong, sustainable, and adaptable option for your needs.

At The SESOLINC Group, our services extend beyond construction; we craft solutions. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and adaptability, our prefabricated structures redefine the landscape of possibilities across industries. Explore the future with us—where diversity meets expertise, and every structure is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. Contact us now to learn more.