Under Military, change and replace with: Department of Defense, US Army Reserves, US National Guard and NATO/Military Equivalents purchasing direct via Defense Logistics Agency [DLA] National Stock Numbers [NSNs], Local Contracting or direct purchase.

Purchased can be made via the Tailored Logistics Support [TLS] and Maintenance, Readiness, Operations [MRO] platforms or our Approved Partner Distributors.

“The Command considers the SESOLINCs as Force Multipliers. Bde vehicle operational readiness rate is over 90% for batteries and fire extinguishers and tens of thousands of dollars have been saved since procurement...”
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For the Maintenance versions, the SSL variant is air conditioned and carried 300 lines, AND bulk, with no issue. It works perfectly with ARIMS and is individually secured with locking bars. The unit was relocated via towed it on an LHS trailer in front of tires


SESOLINC is a Veteran Owned Small Business focusing on the design and manufacture of Scalable Re-Locatable Pre-Fabricated Steel and Aluminum Structures and other Modular Solutions supporting Command and Control, Maintenance, Sustainment and Humanitarian/Relief Operations.  SESOLINC is registered with the Federal Government’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and System for Award Management [SAM] data-bases.

Many SESOLINC products can also be ordered direct by National Stock Number (NSN) through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  The complete product line is available via the Tailored Logistics Support [TLS] and Maintenance Readiness Operations [MRO] programs.  SESOLINC systems and support products are commercially available through our approved Partner Distributors.

SESOLINC Systems and Support Products have been fielded and deployed throughout the world in Combat, Training, Maintenance, Sustainment and Humanitarian/Civic Relief Operations, including:
- US Army Forces Command [FORSCOM]
- US Army Special Operations Command [SOCOM] 
- US Army Strategic Logistics [ASLAC]
- US Army Training and Doctrine Command [TRADOC] 
- US Army National Guard and Reserve, US Marine Corps
- US Navy Space Warfare Command
- US Air Force and US Air Force National Guard
- Department of Veterans Affairs
- Department of Agriculture
- Home Land Security
- Iraqi Defense Ministry [Oil Police]
- Afghan Defense Force
- Multiple Civilian Prime Contractors
- Commercial Customers.

Command and Control
- Command and Tactical Operations Centers
- Data Protection Centers

Maintenance, Security, Sustainment Systems
- Battery Maintenance [12/24v and Lithium Ion]
- Hydraulic Maintenance
- Nitrogen Generation
- Petroleum Reclamation
- High and Low Pressure Fire Suppression Maintenance
- Glycol Reclamation
- Refrigeration
- Deployable Solar Power and H2O
- Fabrication Welding Repair
- Milling and Machining
- ASL / SSL Storage
- Bulk Storage
- General Maintenance Repair
- Arms Room / Sensitive Item Security
- Armament Repair
- 463L Compatibles
- Integrated Power Unit [Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pwr Source, Diesel Generator, Welding Machine, Pressure Washer in one component] 

Product Examples:
- Battery Maintenance Systems achieve 80% savings in Battery Maintenance Programs
- Glycol Recovery System provides 80% reduction in hazardous Anti-Freeze waste and 100% recycle of captured coolant
- Petroleum Recovery System provides 100% Deployable Recovery/Store/Re-Fill of vehicle/equipment petroleum products in the field, reducing down time for vehicles and eliminating costly HAZMAT costs
- Nitrogen Generation System provides 100% compressed nitrogen requirement
- Fire Suppression Maintenance System provides Hydro-Static Testing, Recovery and Recharge of Low-Pressure [Portable] Fire Extinguishers at the unit level.  High Pressure Maintenance System available.
- Hydraulic Maintenance Systems provides 100% autonomy and recovery of 40% of scrap and unused materials
- IPU-D Provides Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric Power, Welding and Pressure Wash capability in one Self-Contained Deployable Item
- GREEN Solutions that provides Mission Accomplishment while Protecting Resources and Insuring Agency Compliance