Department of Defense, US Army Reserves, US National Guard and NATO/Military Equivalents purchasing via Defense Logistics Agency [DLA] National Stock Numbers [NSNs], General Services Administration [GSA Schedules Contract], Local Contract or other contract/purchasing formats.


The SESOLINC Group, Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business focused on the Design and Manufacture of Turn-Key, Scalable, Modular, Expeditionary Systems supporting Command and Control, Maintenance, Sustainment   and Humanitarian/Civic Relief Operations.  SESOLINC is registered with the Federal Government’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and System for Award Management [SAM] data-bases.

- SESOLINC Systems and Support Products are Commercial Off The Shelf [COTS] and are managed by the Defense Logistics Agency [DLA] via National Stock Number [NSN]

- SESOLINC Systems and Support Products are also available via our General Services Administration [GSA] Schedules Contract

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SESOLINC Systems and Support Products have been fielded and deployed throughout the world in Combat, Training, Maintenance, Sustainment and Humanitarian/Civic Relief Operations, including:
- US Army Forces Command [FORSCOM]
- US Army Special Operations Command [SOCOM] 
- US Army Strategic Logistics [ASLAC]
- US Army Training and Doctrine Command [TRADOC] 
- US Army National Guard and Reserve, US Marine Corps
- US Navy Space Warfare Command
- US Air Force and US Air Force National Guard
- Department of Veterans Affairs
- Department of Agriculture
- Home Land Security
- Iraqi Defense Ministry [Oil Police]
- Afghan Defense Force
- Multiple Civilian Prime Contractors
- Commercial Customers.

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Command and Control
- Command and Tactical Operations Centers
- Data Protection Centers

Maintenance, Security, Sustainment Systems
- Battery Maintenance [12/24v and Lithium Ion]
- Hydraulic Maintenance
- Nitrogen Generation
- Petroleum Reclamation
- High and Low Pressure Fire Suppression Maintenance
- Glycol Reclamation
- Refrigeration
- Deployable Solar Power and H2O
- Fabrication Welding Repair
- Milling and Machining
- ASL / SSL Storage
- Bulk Storage
- General Maintenance Repair
- Arms Room / Sensitive Item Security
- Armament Repair
- 463L Compatibles
- Integrated Power Unit [Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pwr Source, Diesel Generator, Welding Machine, Pressure Washer in one component] 


Product Examples:
- Battery Maintenance Systems achieve 80% savings in Battery Maintenance Programs
- Glycol Recovery System provides 80% reduction in hazardous Anti-Freeze waste and 100% recycle of captured coolant
- Petroleum Recovery System provides 100% Deployable Recovery/Store/Re-Fill of vehicle/equipment petroleum products in the field, reducing down time for vehicles and eliminating costly HAZMAT costs
- Nitrogen Generation System provides 100% compressed nitrogen requirement
- Fire Suppression Maintenance System provides Hydro-Static Testing, Recovery and Recharge of Low-Pressure [Portable] Fire Extinguishers at the unit level.  High Pressure Maintenance System available.
- Hydraulic Maintenance Systems provides 100% autonomy and recovery of 40% of scrap and unused materials
- IPU-D Provides Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric Power, Welding and Pressure Wash capability in one Self-Contained Deployable Item
- GREEN Solutions that provides Mission Accomplishment while Protecting Resources and Insuring Agency Compliance